Scrypt, Inc. acquires DocbookMD

Scrypt, Inc.  developers of secure and compliant productivity tools for regulated industries, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Austin, Texas-based DocbookMD®, a HIPAA secure patient care team collaboration platform.

DocbookMD, in use by more than 30,000 medical professionals across the US, is a HIPAA secure messaging application for both mobile and tablet, and can be accessed via any web browser. The platform was designed for healthcare to enable physicians to collaborate with other organization members on vital information including detailed images, labs, X-rays and EKGs, and to communicate effectively with their entire care team. One of the advantages of DocbookMD is that the information shared is stored on a secure server, so once the application is closed, the data is cleared from the device; if the device is lost or falls into the wrong hands, the patient information cannot be accessed without proper credentials, ensuring complete privacy and security.

“DocbookMD was built by and for physicians initially to streamline and improve their communications by giving them access to a directory of their entire organization for easy collaboration.” said Dr. Tim Gueramy, co-founder of DocbookMD. “Today, we’re deeply involved in critical communications among the entire care team continuum – both in and outside of the hospital setting. By joining Scrypt, DocbookMD will continue to expand integrations within the entire healthcare arena.”

“With the addition of DocbookMD to our healthcare portfolio we are able to offer more ways for healthcare providers to collaborate on PHI, without compromising on security.” Said Aleks Szymanski, CEO of Scrypt, Inc.