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Critical Communication Partners

DocbookMD connects critical communication partners including radiology, lab and pathology service providers as well as local and national answering service providers with the local medical community. Physicians and other designated staff members can receive all critical patient-related communication in one place via DocbookMD. With tens of thousands of physician users across the country, DocbookMD provides an opportunity for critical communication partners to extend their value and support for those who care directly for patients on a daily basis.

HL7 and API Integration

DocbookMD offers an HL7 interface and a standard RESTful API, allowing critical communication partners such as radiology, lab and pathology service providers the ability to send critical communication messages to physicians and designated medical staff securely via DocbookMD.

Answering Service Integration

Receiving SMS messages with patient information, even from an answering service, can violate HIPAA. Answering services may be HIPAA-secure, but once the information has passed to a mobile device, it must be encrypted to remain secure. DocbookMD now works with answering service companies to offer physicians the extra security and convenience they need to:

  • Receive HIPAA-secure messages from their answering service
  • Click to call back patients directly from their DocbookMD message
  • Easily forward messages to colleagues
  • Document communication—all sent and received messages are archived with time stamps

If you are a physician:

Call your answering service, radiology, lab, pathology or other critical communication service provider today to begin integration with DocbookMD. If you have questions about integrating DocbookMD with your current answering service, contact us at [email protected] or 1 (888) 930-2048.

If you are a critical communications provider:

We’d love to partner with you today. Contact us today to see how we can get your service integrated with DocbookMD. Contact us today at [email protected] or 1 (888) 930-2048 to learn more.