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Docbook Enterprise:
A Customized Solution for Your Communication Needs

Customizable and Intuitive Features

  • Active Regional Physician Directory for Medical Society Members
  • Push Notifications with Customized, Priority-Specific Ringtones
  • Ability to Set a Time Priority for Urgent Messages (patent pending)
  • Sender Notifications for Unread Urgent Messages (patent pending)
  • Enhanced Notifications (email and text alerts) for Unread Messages
  • Threaded Messaging, Forwarding, Time-Stamped Read Receipts, and Message Dictation
  • Ability to Create Create Customized Care Team Groups
  • Local Pharmacy Directory
  • Editable Favorites List
  • Full Internal Physician and Staff Directories (LDAP)
  • Ability to Create Sub Groups Within the Full Directory (ex. cardiac wing, 5th floor nursing)
  • External Branding Opportunities

Exceeds HIPAA/HITECH Standards While Reducing Security Risks and Enhancing Communication

  • Encrypted Secure Messaging – SSL, AES-256 Bit Encryption (text with image attachment)
  • Encrypted Secure Cloud Storage of ePHI (signed BAA)
  • Advanced User Authentication (NIST level 2 equivalent)
  • Business Associates Agreement for Individuals (optional)
  • Business Associates Agreement for Enterprise Clients
  • Message Archive (cloud-based)

Integration and Compatibility with Other Technology Systems and Existing BYOD Policies

  • Supported on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Devices and PC/Mac
  • Multiple Devices Per user
  • SaaS-Based Solution Offering Quick Deployment and No Significant IT integration Costs
  • Critical Value Reporting (HL7 and API integration to Lab, Radiology, Pathology)
  • Answering Service Integration (API and web portal options)
  • Onboarding and Training Resources
  • Direct Protocal Enabled (on request)
  • Documentation and EMR integration (custom on request)

Customer Support Accessible via In-App, Email and Direct Phone

  • Standard Support
  • 24/7 Support Access
  • Enhanced Response and Resolution Times

Administrative Control With On-Site Capabilities Through Simple to Use Admin Panel

  • Add/Delete Users
  • Reset Passwords
  • Remote Disable Mobile Device
  • Set a Mandatory Pass Code Lock for a Group
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Edit/Update Physician and Staff Profiles (coming soon)
  Contact our partnerships team for more information at 512-383-5822. or [email protected].
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