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DocbookMD Use Case:

Instant collaboration between an ER physician and a dining, on-call plastic surgeon saves time, money, and a lot of pain for Robert in the aftermath of a serious work injury.

The Story

Robert sustained an injury at work and is brought into the ER with a gaping wound of his right arm.  The ER physician stabilizes the bleeding, then assesses the extent of the injury prior to calling the on-call plastic surgeon.

The Status Quo

The ER physician calls the plastic surgeon, who is at dinner and asks the ER doctor to take care of the wound repair.  The ER doctor must describe the wound and insist on surgical assessment.  An hour later, the plastic surgeon arrives and realizes the patient will need extensive reconstructive surgery, with special grafting materials and his surgical assistant. The OR team needed cannot be assembled until the next day, so the patient waits for surgery with IV pain medication and antibiotics.

The DocbookMD Difference

With DocbookMD, the ER physician takes photos of the wound, clearly showing the depth and multiple types of tissue involvement. The plastic surgeon receives the images on his phone while at dinner and quickly realizes he needs to get to the hospital.  He forwards the images to his assistant and calls the OR to start preparing for a several-hour long surgical repair with specific suture & grafting materials.

The DocbookMD Advantage

  • Saved Time
  • Saved Monday
  • Cost of Care
  • Avoid Redundancy
  • Reduced Admissions
  • Critical Communications
  • Improved Outcomes
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
  • Improved Workflows
  • Care Coordination
  • Multi-specialty Collaboration
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