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Dr. Ziebell2

Christopher Ziebell, MD

Director of Emergency Medicine, Austin, Texas

Doctor Christopher Ziebell is Director of Emergency Medicine at Seton Healthcare Family and University Medical Center, Brackenridge in Austin, Texas.
Dr. Ziebell is a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians, Society of Academic Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine Resident’s Association (Alumni), Texas Medical Association, Travis County Medical Society, American College of Forensic Examiners and the International Trauma, Anesthesia, and Critical Care Society.

Dr. Ziebell, how often do you use DocbookMD?
“Every shift. Being in the emergency department of a major metropolitan hospital, we are constantly juggling multiple patients in life-threatening situations. DocbookMD helps manage those patients efficiently while increasing my ability to provide excellent care of each individual.”

Are there any specific tasks DocbookMD helps you manage?
“One of the challenges is meeting the needs of several patients at different treatment stages; you might have one patient needing urgent wound care and another awaiting test results. With DocbookMD, the test results come straight to my phone, allowing me to see x-rays and the radiologist’s interpretation immediately, while I’m treating other patients. I can then forward the test results and coordinate further care with specialists within the DocbookMD network, cutting down on the rate of patients returning to the ER with complications.”

How is DocbookMD especially helpful in an inner-city emergency department?
“As with most big-city emergency departments, we see a lot of homeless and indigent patients who have a tendency to be lost to treatment once they leave. Having DocbookMD on hand allows us faster treatment time without sacrificing the quality of that treatment. It also means our chances of those patients developing complications, requiring a return to the emergency department and more costly future treatment is greatly reduced.”

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