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Dr. Cortez2

Jose C. Cortez, MD

Urologist, Austin, Texas

Doctor Jose C. Cortez is a board-certified Urologist with sub-specialty certification in Pediatric Urology and was the first fellowship-trained pediatric urologist in Central Texas, as well as being one of the co-founders of Children’s Urology. He has a special interest in advanced anatomic reconstruction for children with urologic congenital anomalies. He is the current Urology Section Chief for Dell Children’s Medical Center.

Dr. Cortez, how long have you been using DocbookMD?
“I started using DocbookMD in 2010 off and on, but since the summer of 2013, I’ve been using it every day. I attended the Texas Medical Association’s annual meeting at that time and saw the strides that had been made in HIPAA-compliant mobile applications; it made me realize I already had the perfect tool at my fingertips.”

How does DocbookMD compare to other mobile collaboration tools you have seen?
“Most of the other collaboration tools on the market were developed for business first, medical professionals second, so I’ve always been leery of their HIPAA compliance, especially since any text messages sent through the applications were stored on the mobile devices. The advantage of DocbookMD is that the information shared is stored on a secure server, so once the application is closed, the data is cleared from the phone; if the phone is lost or someone else picks it up, the patient information is gone, ensuring complete privacy and security.”

Why is DocbookMD so valuable to you and your practice?
“Twenty years ago, most practitioners only needed a medical secretary and a nurse to care for their patients. As the medical system has grown and the demands on each practice have increased, more healthcare provider extenders are needed, such as nurse practitioners, medical assistants and schedulers. DocbookMD allows me to effectively communicate with my team members quickly to ensure thorough and timely patient care without missing the personal touch each patient deserves.”

Has there been a specific case that has shown you the value of DocbookMD?
“A colleague was examining a child who possibly would have needed surgery but he was not sure. Instead of scheduling an appointment for the child to come see me, he took a picture of the suspect area and sent it to me through DocbookMD, asking if the child needed to be seen. I reviewed the picture and was able to determine the child did not need a consult, but that it required watching. Within 15 minutes, the concern was addressed and the child and mother were on their way home, saving the cost and time of a consult and alleviating the mother’s fear.”

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