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HIPAA-Secure Messaging for Hospitals & Health Systems.

Whether you are an independent hospital, part of hospital system or hospital network, DocbookMD was designed to foster better collaboration and improve clinical communication.

Built for hospitals.

DocbookMD has been proven to dramatically improve patient care by transforming collaboration around patient care to better communicate with different care groups.

DocbookMD works across laboraties (Labs) and ADTs to improve cross department communication.  DocbookMD can save time in a multitude of ways like sending a quick message to ensure patient is in their room to avoid wasted efforts.

Hospital staff can use mobile device to take photos of patients (and other attachments) to safely send to other team members to make important decisions that could affect patient care.  Messages can have different urgency levels to help recipients prioritize their time. What’s more, you can filter items that are most important to you.  (i.e.  labs, radiology, ADT, etc) to limit the amount of ‘noise’ you receive. DocbookMD can integrate with your EHRs to send important messages directly.

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