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Jed Grisel, MD

Otolaryngologist, Wichita Falls, TX

“Using DocbookMD, the dermatologist can send me an image of the defect on the patient’s skin prior to the surgery I’ll be performing. It really helps to have that picture in advance because I can begin planning how I’ll reconstruct the defect. I’m ready to go the next day, and care is coordinated in a HIPAA-compliant way.”

“One of the issues that is unique to Wichita Falls is that it has a large elderly population concentrated in rural areas. The town is home to 100,000 people, but our group serves 300,000 people who make up the small surrounding communities. The app has been extremely helpful for us. It will be even more helpful as we get more physicians working in small, rural areas on board. The app gives rural physicians direct, immediate access to their colleagues in other parts of the state. Physicians can communicate efficiently and securely without having to wait for a phone call. DocbookMD provides a support network at your fingertips that is beneficial to physicians and their patients.”

“DocbookMD is a prime example of technology that allows healthcare providers to work together to better take care of patients. We’re able to send images and pictures, EKGs (electrocardiograms), X-rays and anything that you can take an image of. Important lab reports from the emergency room or laboratory in the hospital can be sent directly to your phone as well.”

“Our entire ability to provide good treatment depends on being able to understand the problem and have accurate information. So if that information is delayed or inaccurate, then we are unable to do our job. We want to use technology that actually benefits patients, patient care and help them live happier, longer lives.”

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