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Medical Societies

DocbookMD has exclusive partnerships with over 200 medical societies in 40 states to help physicians communicate securely with their colleagues across the community.

DocbookMD, a HIPAA-secure communication and data-sharing solution for physicians and their care teams, is offered as a free benefit through county/state medical societies. By partnering with medical societies, DocbookMD supports organizations that advocate for physicians and makes it easier for doctors to communicate with all doctors in their community—regardless of their practice setting. DocbookMD aims to be inclusive of all doctors in each community, and involves local resources in each location.
  • Exclusively endorsed by medical societies in 39 states, allowing almost 300,000 active, verified physicians to use DocbookMD for free.
  • Helps medical societies increase and retain membership and more easily target large group practices, hospitals and specialties that have not traditionally been society members.
  • Partners with medical societies to create customized, internal directories for affiliated members.
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