DocbookMD is now open to non-physician members of the Care Team

More than 16,500 physicians throughout 32 states are now using DocbookMD, a HIPAA-secure messaging application for smartphones and tablets. DocbookMD has historically only been accessible to physicians. Today, due to physician demand for secure communication with their medical staff, the platform is being opened up to all members of the care team, with the physician at the center of the communication.

More than ever, those caring directly for patients must be able to connect efficiently and securely. In order to have coordinated care, all members of the team must have a way to communicate effectively with each other, while still complying with security and privacy laws. DocbookMD will allow the entire care team to send and receive messages, including images like X-rays, EKGs, images of wounds or rashes with each member of the care team.

There have been many efforts recently that aim to lower medical costs for patients, but few that would also improve health outcomes like opening communication between all parties involved in patient care.

In the past few months DocbookMD has significantly expanded market share in California, Florida, Michigan and Texas in addition to launching the app in Oklahoma, Alabama, Vermont, Utah and Wyoming, resulting in over 200% growth compared to this time last year.

“We understand doctors and nurses want to share information about their patients via text or e-mail, but that is not secure in standard formats. Messaging through DocbookMD allows them to comply with privacy laws, while still having the ease of sending a quick message.” says Dr. Tracey Haas, family physician and Chief Medical Officer of DocbookMD.

DocbookMD is offered at no-charge as a benefit to state or county medical association membership, which allows physicians to have immediate access to their regional colleagues.

To meet the changing needs of their users in this evolving healthcare arena, the company is aggressively working to launch new features, while keeping the premise simple. Today, DocbookMD is also poised to expand as a tool for wider patient-care settings, in order to help with care coordination between physicians in and out of the hospital.

“DocbookMD will cross all of the traditional barriers in medicine – such as hospital walls, practice type, or patient location. It will enable the kind of immediate, vital communication that can change the face of healthcare – all in a physician-centric, community-minded, patient-oriented way. This is indeed a very exciting time in medicine.” says Dr. Tim Gueramy, orthopedic surgeon and CEO of DocbookMD.

In order to access the new Care Team feature, physicians must update their DocbookMD app to version 5.0, and then follow instructions to begin inviting members of their team to join.

About DocbookMD

An exclusive HIPAA-secure smartphone platform designed by and for physicians, DocbookMD allows physicians and their care team to share patient information and collaborate with their medical colleagues. DocbookMD is offered through county and state medical societies to their members and is currently available in 32 states.

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