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If you are a physician and want to invite a member of your care team to join your DocbookMD CareTeam:

Open the app from your mobile device

Click the CareTeam tab

Tap “Let’s Get Started”

Or if you already have a DocbookMD CareTeam, tap “Invite” from the “CareTeam” screen from within the app.

If you help physicians take care of patients:

Ask the physician you work with if he/she is already on DocbookMD.

If they are already on DocbookMD, ask them to make sure they’ve downloaded the latest version of the app from the App Store or Google Play. They will need version 5.0 or higher.

Open: The physician will need to open the new CareTeam tab from the menu

Tap “Let’s Get Started”

Or if they already have a DocbookMD CareTeam, they can simply tap “Invite” from the “CareTeam” screen within the app.

Send: From there they can send you an invitation to your email address or as a text message to your mobile            device.

If they aren’t already on DocbookMD, tell them it’s a FREE benefit included in their medical society membership. They should follow these steps to start using DocbookMD:

Download the app to an iPhone, iPad or Android device from the App Store or Google Play.

Click the “I’m New to DocbookMD”

Enter an email address and create a DocbookMD password.

If the email address used is not an email address their medical society has on file, physicians will be asked to enter a medical society ID # to complete registration.

For those who do not know their society ID # off hand, physicians can retrieve this information from their society membership.

If you or a physician you work with needs help registering for or using DocbookMD, contact us at:
(888) 930-2048 or [email protected].
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