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After Raising Over $4M and Gaining over 21,000 Physician Users Across the Country, DocbookMD Launches Docbook Enterprise for Hospitals and Groups

Austin, Texas, November 19, 2013

Building upon its secure mobile communication application for physicians, DocbookMD adds enterprise functionality to help hospitals and physician groups improve patient care, reduce HIPAA violation risk and prevent costly medical mistakes.

DocbookMD, a physician-owned mobile health technology company based in Austin, Texas has launched Docbook Enterprise, a new version of its popular mobile communication application, designed expressly for the needs of hospitals and groups.

Previously only available to medical society members in 38 states, Docbook Enterprise offers hospitals and groups customized functionality to take advantage of the same solution trusted by physicians to save time, lives and money regardless of practice setting, organization size or other medical technology solutions.

“Hospitals and physician groups need a scalable, HIPAA-compliant communication solution that is accessible to all physicians and healthcare staff,” says Dr. Tracey Haas, DO, MPH and Co-Founder of DocbookMD. “Docbook Enterprise is the next evolution of a suite of services that are now fully customizable to suit the needs of each healthcare organization, while still respecting the unique relationships we have with medical associations. Hospitals will now have a secure, cloud-based communication platform allowing physicians and staff to discuss patient care and share data real-time without fear of falling out of compliance with the newer, stricter HIPAA privacy regulations that went into effect in September. With HIPAA fines for simply sending a text over an non-secure smartphone approaching $1.5 million, many hospitals are seeking ways to ensure institutional compliance.”

DocbookMD is a secure, HIPAA-compliant communication and data-sharing solution for physicians and their care teams that shares in real-time messages and images such as EKGs and X-rays, resulting in more efficient care coordination. Using 256-bit encryption and a secure cloud server, DocbookMD exceeds HIPAA/HITECH standards for mobile technology, ultimately keeping health information safe, protecting patients as well as physicians.

DocbookMD completed a $3.2 million round of angel funding in 2012 and has raised another $1M this year to develop Docbook Enterprise, which adds significant functionality for large healthcare organizations:

  • Organization-specific physician and medical staff directories with access to comprehensive regional physician and pharmacy directories
  • HL7 and API critical reporting integration for radiology, lab, pathology and answering service providers
  • Message documentation for end-to-end care coordination before, during and after hospital stay
  • Push notifications with custom-ring tone and web portal for one-way messaging
  • Now accessible to non-physicians and non-medical society members
  • “Docbook allows me to get feedback from other physicians and my nursing team so I’m always armed with the information I need,” says Dr. Tuan Nguyen, cardiologist, Seton Heart Institute in Austin, Texas. “With a few clicks, I can make referrals to physicians within the Seton Healthcare Family or to care providers in the local healthcare community, and this is the first technology that actually helps me ensure my patients receive continuous care after they are discharged.”

    DocbookMD is exclusively endorsed by medical societies in 38 states, which today allows almost 300,000 active, verified physicians to download and use the app for free. Dr. Haas said it was important that DocbookMD be developed with physician-engagement in mind, as so much technology forgets about the end-user. The stickiness of DocbookMD has led to a faster adoption rate and paved the way for the Enterprise version. “We have doubled our active users to over 21,000 in the last year alone and expect to do it again this year with the launch of Docbook Enterprise,” notes Dr. Haas.

    For more information visit docbookmd.com.

    About DocbookMD

    DocbookMD, built by physicians for physicians, is a rapidly growing HIPAA-secure messaging application for smartphone and tablet devices with over 21,000 physician users across 38 states. By putting doctors in control of the technology and transcending practice settings and other medical technology solutions, DocbookMD enables the kind of immediate, secure communication that can change the face of healthcare. Learn more at docbookmd.com.

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