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DocbookMD Partners with One of the Largest Answering Service Providers in the Country

Austin, Texas, January 14, 2014; Digital Journal

DocbookMD, a physician-run mobile health technology company based in Austin, Texas announced it has partnered with MAP Communications, a national call center provider that supports thousands of medical groups and hospitals throughout the United States.

“Through our partnership with MAP Communications, physicians around the country will be able to receive their answering service messages from their mobile device,” says Tim Gueramy, MD, CEO and Co-Founder of DocbookMD. “This will help hospitals and groups more efficiently communicate with their physicians about critical patient needs and most importantly this partnership will potentially accelerate the care patients receive.”

Using DocbookMD’s standard RESTful API, MAP Communications and other answering service providers can simplify the medical communication process and send critical communication messages to physicians and designated medical staff securely to their mobile device. Additionally, this allows physicians to more easily call back patients in critical need directly from their phone, quickly forward messages to colleagues and maintain a digital record of messages sent at any time of the day from anywhere.

“We are excited to offer a new service to our customers,” says Don Thaler, SVP of Sales for MAP Communications. “Our deep national presence and strong reputation to provide reliable support to hospitals and medical groups around the country is a natural fit with DocbookMD to help improve communication throughout the healthcare industry.”

Many physicians may be unknowingly in violation of HIPAA if their answering service providers send SMS messages with patient information. An answering service may be HIPAA-secure, but once the information has passed to a mobile device, it is the physician’s responsibility to keep it secure.

“DocbookMD gives answering service providers the extra security they need to send messages to a mobile device,” says Gueramy.

For more information visit docbookmd.com.

About DocbookMD

DocbookMD, built by physicians for physicians, is a rapidly growing HIPAA-secure messaging application for smartphone and tablet devices with over 22,000 physician users across 39 states. By putting doctors in control of the technology and transcending practice settings and other medical technology solutions, DocbookMD enables the kind of immediate, secure communication that can change the face of healthcare. Learn more at docbookmd.com.

About MAP Communications

Based in Chesapeake, Virginia, MAP Communications (https://www.mapcommunications.com/) is an employee-owned company that provides answering services and call center solutions for a wide range of industries including medical. Established in 1990, MAP Communications offers the fastest pick-up times in the industry, courteous virtual receptionists, call screening, voicemail and IVR services, and online account analytics. The company has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and operates five professional call centers from New York to Atlanta.

Read the full story at https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1679958.

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