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DocbookMD Use Case:

Thanksgiving vacation plus a broken foot is a recipe for inefficient health care delivery. However, in a brilliant display of care coordination, DocbookMD, helped 5-year-old Zach avoid a long wait to see a specialist, and a possible worse outcome.

The Story

When 5-year-old Zach broke his foot over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend out-of-town, his parents took him to an urgent care clinic to be seen, resulting in consultation from an orthopedic surgeon who referred him to a pediatric specialist.

The Status Quo

The wait to see the specialist is two weeks - so the child and family would have had to painfully wait for definitive diagnosis and treatment until then. In the meantime, without prompt identification of the fracture, the child might not have been casted and kept non-weight-bearing, resulting in worsening or displacement of the fracture. This could lead to a prolonged recovery or even corrective surgery in the following weeks.

The DocbookMD Difference

With DocbookMD, the on-call orthopedic surgeon was able to receive a brief description of the injury along with secure X-ray images from the urgent care clinic. Because he was able to quickly identify a fracture, unseen by the urgent care doctor, he knew he needed to intervene quickly. He forwarded the message to a pediatric specialist, who agreed to see the child right away, despite it being the Thanksgiving holiday. With the ability to quickly see the problem from his mobile phone, the specialist got Zach in and placed a cast that day without interrupting the flow of his busy office schedule - thus avoiding a long wait, a possible worse outcome, added expense, duplicated X-rays and stress on the entire family.

The DocbookMD Advantage

  • Saved Time
  • Saved Monday
  • Cost of Care
  • Avoid Redundancy
  • Reduced Admissions
  • Critical Communications
  • Improved Outcomes
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
  • Improved Workflows
  • Care Coordination
  • Multi-specialty Collaboration

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