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DocbookMD has worked with county and state medical associations since its beginning, providing a free, mobile directory for all of their members. DocbookMD aims to be inclusive of all doctors in each community, and involves local resources in each location. As they reach more groups and hospitals with Docbook Enterprise, community physicians are just a touch away, thanks to the medical society partnerships across 42 states.


Built from the ground up by and for physicians, all major features and functions of the application are designed to streamline daily workflow and improve communication between colleagues across all care settings. Each feature keeps in mind the physician’s hectic schedule and alert fatigue, so we have kept alerts customizable for each user. Additionally, the app helps protect the entire medical team from text-related HIPAA violations, by offering many levels of protection, exceeding HIPAA standards of today. DocbookMD helps community physicians build their referral network, and improve care coordination, regardless of their practice setting or location.

Patient Care Targeted

While the app is designed for the entire care team to be able to communicate securely and efficiently, providing good patient care is the center of all we do. Critical communication saves lives, it’s that simple, but good communication can also reduce healthcare costs and redundancy while improving patient outcomes – and that is our ultimate goal.

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