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Physician Directory

Access up-to-date phone, fax and address information for colleagues in your region from your mobile device. Search for a physician fast by last or first name, specialty or affiliation. DocbookMD partners exclusively with medical societies to constantly update physician information in our directory.

Physician Profiles

View a photo and get detailed information about your colleagues, including up-to-date phone, fax and address information, specialties, affiliations. Contact colleagues directly and invite other physicians to join DocbookMD from their profile page. Physician profile information is provided exclusively to DocbookMD from medical societies so it is always up-to-date.

Secure Messaging

Send and receive HIPAA-secure text messages and images, including X-rays, EKGs and other critical patient images instantly via DocbookMD. A custom alert sounds on your mobile device to let you know when you have a new DocbookMD message waiting.

Attach Images

Exchange X-rays, EKGs and other critical patient images with your colleagues.

Communication with Your Care Team

Invite nurses, PAs, and other office staff to join you on DocbookMD with the new CareTeam feature. Physicians remain at the center of patient care and can use DocbookMD to coordinate care across any type of practice setting-even without an EMR.

Assign Message Urgency

Set a five or 30-minute priority for messages that require an immediate response. When a new DocbookMD message is sent to you or your colleagues you’ll receive a special alert letting you know you have a high-priority message. If you don’t receive a response to your message in the designated timeframe, you will receive a notification.

Pharmacy Directory

Find and search for pharmacies near you and your patients. Find phone numbers, addresses and maps.

Message Forwarding

Easily forward messages to your DocbookMD colleagues.

Message Threading

Messages are grouped by conversation for easier reference.


You can designate “Favorites” to indicate colleagues you need to look up and contact frequently so they are at the top of your directory.


Quickly find physicians in your local area through pre-selected regions.

Multi-Device Access

DocbookMD is available on up to two devices per account: one phone (iPhone or Android) and one non-phone (iPad, iPad Mini or iPod touch.


Search for physicians by name, facilities they have privileges at or groups of which they are a member. Also, search for pharmacies near you or your patients. .

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